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Finance for Directors and Executives

         Converting Complex Finance into Simple Executive Information

Increase your profits and accelerate your ROI with a 360 degree appraisal of your operations and strategy.

Why choose Us!

What matters is not Financials and Management Reports but reading beyond the numbers

Financial Skills for Directors in 5 Weeks

Does your team struggle to contribute in Decision Making? Do you and your team have difficulties in interpreting financials? Are you able to identify financial and non financial signals with ease?

The biggest impact comes not only from knowing your numbers but also from the forward looking signals. This comes from developing a skill which we share in this powerful Finance for directors and executives program.

  • Read financial and management reports with ease

  • Implement Tax Efficient Strategies

  • Increase profits and margins through effective decisions

  • Maximise Return on Investments

Who is this For?

Any entrepreneur, family business, private company, professional, coach, consultant or partnerships – exclusively for- profit companies Globally.

This is an online program

How it works

Every week, we will drip feed weekly videos in order for you to grasp the concepts. 

We will also give you access to the manual and workbook for you to commence your journey.

After you finish the modules, you will have an opportunity to have a session with our expert consultant which will be personalised to your needs.

Program Features

This program comes with an online manual and workbook to accelerate learning.

This is a 5 week program which is animated and professionally dubbed giving you an energy driven experience.

Bonuses and More

FREE Lifetime Access to our award winning program Business Excellence Blueprint Worth $997

FREE 1 Hour Personalised Finance Session worth $1000

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The single most critical factor to success is increasing your capability through relevant training and development

In this Course you will Learn

Week 1

Financial Oversight

  • 7 keys to being on the right path
  • Financial Radar
  • Smokescreens and Micromanaging
  • 4 Pillars to Effective Financial Management
  • Executive Communication Links
  • Balance Scorecard
  • 9 Board Concerns on reports
  • Core documents for Executive Review


Week 2

Financial Statement Analysis

Paragliding the Financial Waters

Profit and Loss - Making Sense of Bottom Line & Deep Diving

6 Flaws in Write-offs and Remedies

4 Pillars to Effective Financial Management

Cash and Cash Equivalents

Balance Sheet - Looking Beyond the Horizon

9 Reasons for Cash Shortfalls - Swings and Roundabouts

Inventories and Reason for High Inventory

Week 3

Financial Indicators

Ratio Analysis

Capital Structure Ratios

Key Financial Reporting

Capital Distribution

Strategic Asset Allocation

Radical Product Development


Week 4

Operational Efficiencies and Effectiveness

Capital Management

Six Sigma

Increase Profits and Leaner Efficiencies

Cost Reduction Strategies

Increase Revenues

Tax Efficiencies

9 Action Points for Boards and Executives

Week 5

Budgets and Financial Insights

Sources of Finance

Mastering the Budget Process

7 Shortcomings in respect of Budgets

The Cash Budget

Planning with Purpose Policy

Executive Financial Insights

Future Cash Flows and Money Value

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